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Version 0.667

This version fixes several bugs:

  • Fixed bug in install where meta table was created with an invalid enum field

  • Fixed bug in content and people admin tools where files uploaded were not handled properly

  • Fixed bug in core_friends module where incorrect permission was being checked

  • Fixed bug in core_usercontent that caused /edit to overlap with /editprofile

  • Fixed bug where empty document returned false on ->success()

PeoplePods is an SDK for creating modern web applications where many people come together to meet, talk, share, read, work, publish and explore. Every effort has been made to NOT pigeon-hole you as a developer into one model of a site over another. PeoplePods is not a blog, it is not a social network, and it is not a content management system. Rather, PeoplePods is a set of tools that can be combined in many ways to create all sorts of interactions, while providing a simple and unified software interface.

The intent of PeoplePods is not to provide an "off the shelf" social network. The
core pods and default theme are provided as examples of the capabilities of the SDK,
and should not be used to run your final site. While some of the pods can be used without
modification, you will definitely want to go into more depth than a simple CSS skin.

That said, they are absolutely intended to be used as the basis for your own work:
cut-and-paste to your hearts content!

I recommend that you do not modify the Pod and Theme files that came with PeoplePods.
Instead, MAKE COPIES, and modify the copies. This way, future releases will not
overwrite your changes.

PeoplePods is released as open source under the MIT License.

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