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Get a stack of group objects that match the parameters you pass in.


$conditions An associative array of stack parameters that describe the content you want to load. See the stack parameters document for constructing these arrays.
$sort A SQL style sort statement. Defaults to 'date DESC'
Maximum number of pieces of content to return. Defaults to 20
Offset results by this many groups. (for use in paging)


Get a simple list of the most recent groups of any type.

$groups = $POD->getGroups();

The getGroups function can automatically link in information about group membership, so you can do things like get all the groups a user is a member of:

$person = $POD->currentUser();
$my_groups = $POD->getGroups(array(

Or, get all the groups a person has been invited to, but has not yet joined:

$person = $POD->currentUser();
$my_groups = $POD->getGroups(array(
  'mem.type'=>'invitee'  // you might also use 'member' 'manager' or 'owner'

You can also query groups by flags and meta fields, in the same manner that you would content or people.

Be sure to check out the stack documentation for all the functionality the resulting stack will have!

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