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Returns a stack of content who $person has added the "watch" flag to.

The watch flag is very similar to the favorites flag, except that it includes a pointer to the last-viewed comment. This is used to keep track of which comments have been viewed, and thus which comments are new to the user.

This stack is sorted by the content's commentDate, so the content with the most recent comment activity will be first in the list.

By default, this will contain the 20 most recently watched documents. If you need to see more, pass a number on your first use of the function:

$all_my_watched = $person->watched(10000000);


You might want to output a list of someone's favorites:


Our display how many favorites someone has....

echo $person->favorites()->totalCount();

See also: $Person->addWatch(), $Person->removeWatch(), $Person->toggleWatch(), $Person->isWatched(), $Content->markCommentsAsRead(), and $Content->goToFirstUnreadComment().

Don't forget: because this function returns a stack, it has all the capabilities of stacks.

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