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Causes $person to add a flag named $flag to $Obj, with an optional value of $value. If no value is specified, it defaults to true.

To be clear, $person is the person object who is adding the flag. This is important to remember when adding flags to other person objects. The VAST majority of the time, the second parameter should be $POD->currentUser()

Some examples:

// flag a document as 'awesome'


// set a rating of 5 on a document

// set a 'block' flag on a person

Once a flag has been added, it can be referenced in your stack parameters:

// load all content with the awesome flag
$awesome = $POD->getContents(array(

// load all content with a rating of 5
$top_rated = $POD->getContents(array(

// load all people with the block flag
$blocked = $POD->getPeople(array(

At this point, you can only refer to one flag at a time in your stack parameters. In some future version of PeoplePods, this may change.

Several flag names are reserved by PeoplePods for use in pre-defined stacks: friend, favorite, watching, and vote. You can use any other flag name to define your own functionality.

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