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Installing PeoplePods

To install PeoplePods, you will need a web server, a MySQL database server, and a copy of the PeoplePods code.

NOTE: The PeoplePods archive contains a README.txt file which may have more up-to-date instructions!

  1. Download the latest version of PeoplePods from PeoplePods.net.
  2. Upload the archive to your web server and place it in whatever directory you want PeoplePods to live in.

    All of the PeoplePods code will live in a sub-folder of your website called "/readme/installing_peoplepods/peoplepods/index.html" that is created when you uncompress the tarball. Thus, if you want PeoplePods functionality to be present on the homepage of your site, you'd place the tarball in the root directory of your site. If you want PeoplePods functionality to live in a sub-folder such as myurl.com/community, place the tarball into that folder.

    My web root is: /var/www/httpdocs
    My domain is: http://myurl.com
    If I want PeoplePods to control the homepage and other root
     elements of my site, I decompress my tarball into my webroot,
     and end up with:
    PeoplePods folder is: /var/www/httpdocs/peoplepods
    PeoplePods admin tool: http://myurl.com/peoplepods/
    PeoplePods homepage: http://myurl.com
    If I want PeoplePods to live in a sub-folder of my site, I would
     decompress my tarball into that subfolder, and end up with:
    PeoplePods folder is: /var/www/httpdocs/my_sub_folder/peoplepods
    PeoplePods admin tool: http://myurl.com/my_sub_folder/peoplepods/
    PeoplePOds homepage: http://myurl.com/my_sub_folder/
  3. Uncompress your PeoplePods tarball into your web folder
          > tar -zxvf peoplepods-0.667.tar.gz
  4. This will create a new folder called peoplepods/ inside of which lives all of the PeoplePods code and configuration.
  5. Create a fresh, empty database on your MySQL server. Note the name of the database as well as the username and password.
  6. Before running the install, you will need to set the permissions on several folders. Change the permissions on files/ and lib/etc to 777:
          > chmod -R 777 peoplepods/files
          > chmod 777 peoplepods/lib/etc
  7. Visit your new PeoplePods installaton in a browser. Load http://myurl.com/peoplepods
  8. The automatic installation process should take over. Enter details about the site and about the database.
  9. Once the installation has completed, visit the PeoplePods admin tool and turn on some built in functionality by using the Options -> Plugin Pods menu. NOTE: The site will not be functional until you turn on some of the built in pods!
  10. Visit your new PeoplePods powered site!
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I cant download at all. i am just downloading an empty .rar file.

me too :/

I am also having this problem. I am able to download the file but the file doesn't contain anything. The size of the file is 0kbs.

installation not working in my local server

yes me too :( the file is empty.

Ack! Thanks for the reports, guys! I will fix this problem with the website ASAP!

This should be fixed! Can one of you try this again?

I have recently downloaded the 0.667 version with success. The compressed tar file is 116kbs. I will now try uploading the contents on to my server and tinker with it a bit. Soon I will post info concerning the installation and if it was a success or not. Thanks for the quick response.

Its fixed.

Will ir run on XAMPP server? I tried running it locally but I got blank page. any idea?

Hi i downloaded the rar file but couldn't install it. when irun it on mt wampserver it shows "$_COOKIE['pp_auth'])); if ($POD->success()) { header("Location: admin"); } else { header("Location: install"); } ?> "

what is this?

I got the same error as Charles, I'm running a WAMP server, on OVH it works but I should use a .htaccess to specify to use PHP5

You need to make sure the option for PHP's short_open_tag is turned on.

Ok benbrown could u please tell how do turn on the option "short_open_tag"

This setting can be changed in your php.ini file:


Thanx, it's done now but I've got a empty page now, any idea please?

hide1983.. I did the exact same thing and I was really confused too.. If you want PeoplePods on http://yourdomain.com you have to put all the files in a folder like.. http://yourdomain.com/peoplepods and somehow it works..
Sorry to say this but I think you will have to delete everything and install it again.. new database and all.. BUT make sure you put the files in a folder, not just on your root folder like i said above..
Good Luck!

I've made it,
The url I tried to make installation is http://localhost/peoplepods
On my OVH server, it perfectly works, but not on my local machine with WAMP or XAMPP
I think it's because my php.ini should be misconfigured but I don't really want to test each option to make the installation on my local machine...
Too bad, the idea was pretty good and I really wanted to work with...

I am having trouble getting this to work on my wamp server too. I have changed the line in php.ini:
short_open_tag = On
but this does not seem to help. I get this error message "$_COOKIE['pp_auth'])); if ($POD->success()) { header("Location: admin"); } else { header("Location: install"); } ?>" which is the same as the one in the earlier post. Do I need to do something else?

My domain root just lists the folders inside now after installing PeoplePods, it doesn't load the public site like it's supposed to.

I can access the admin area at /peoplepods/ but the public site doesn't exist :(

To fix it, I went to /peoplepods/admin/options/pods.php
Then enabled one of the pods, copied the .HTACCESS code from the bottom, pasted it into the .HTACCESS file in the root of my site, and now the public homepage loads.

The first message I have using Wamp is
$_COOKIE['pp_auth'])); if ($POD->success()) { header("Location: admin"); } else { header("Location: install"); } ?>
somebody can help me?

@Paolo Cescutti Make sure to turn on the PHP option 'short_open_tags'

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