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Core Pods

core_api_simple provides a simple RESTful JSON api to many of the common functions you'll need to implement Ajax controsl.

core_authentication provides everything you need to enable visitors to join your site, verify their accounts, and manage their security preferences.

core_feeds provides a flexible method for producing lists and feeds of documents that match certain conditions.

core_files handles file attachements.

core_friends provides a friend management interface with friends, followers, and recommended friends.

core_groups provides an interface for members to create and join groups.

core_invite provides an email invitation tool so that members can invite their friends.

core_newest provides a simple list of the newest posts on the site.

core_private_messaging provides the ability for members to send messages to one another on the site, and to manage these conversations in an onsite inbox.

core_profiles provides member with ability to create and modify personal profiles.

core_search provides an interface for searching the content and the members of the site.

core_usercontent provides a default handler for generic content. creates the add/edit screen, the permalink pages, and the reverse cron list of content. Can be customized to create new content types!

dashboard provides a customized activity dashboard for members including new content from their friends, as well as new comments on content they're interested in.

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