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Saves the content object to the database.

Before saving a new content record, make sure that the headline field and the type field are set. If these fields are not set, the save will fail.

$content = $POD->getContent();
$content->set('headline','This is the title');

If no userId is specified, the userId field will be set to $POD->currentUser().

By default, the headline, link and type fields are stripped of any HTML tags. The body field, however, is left unmolested. If you would like to filter the body tag of any potentially malicious tags, pass in true as a parameter. This will cause the body field to be stripped of all tags NOT INCLUDING basic formatting tags like p, br, a, i, u, b, strike and img.

$content = $POD->getContent();
$content->set('headline','My body has bad code in it!');

Once a piece of content has been saved, the id, stub and permalink fields will be available, as well as all of the normal relationship functions (children, parent, etc.) Meta and Flag functions are also available after saving.

There are two alternative functions that also save content to the database. These are $Content->changeStatus() and $Content->setGroup(). These functions bypass the isEditable().

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