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Version 0.7 Now Available

Posted by benbrown 121 days ago

Last night, I uploaded a new release of PeoplePods: version 0.7.

The most exciting new features in this version are: new dynamic image resizing options, a faster comment polling system, new ways to view flags and files in the command center, and a much improved system for handling low level queries.

Take a tour of some of the new features »

Explore the default PeoplePods theme in all of its gray and white beauty »

This version required updates to quite a lot of documentation. While I was at it, I created a new quick start guide that should get you hacking in no time. There's also a new page with all of the documentation in one easy to search and cross-reference place.

Download PeoplePods 0.7

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Developer Preview Launch!

Posted by benbrown 154 days ago

I am very excited to announce the launch of PeoplePods version 0.666, THE DEVELOPER PREVIEW! After tons of hacking, I have tweaked the last line of code, and I am finally ready for a wider audience to use it!

Download PeoplePods v0.666 Now

PeoplePods is a software development kit, a bunch of pre-built modules, and a set of admin tools that makes it way easier to build and create social websites and applications. PeoplePods was designed to be developer friendly: it's 100% object oriented, doesn't require a lot of configuration tinkering to use, and it plays nice with other PHP applications.

Though anyone with a web host can set up PeoplePods to create a fun social playground, I hope that developers will use the provided functionality as a launchpad for new and better things! The last thing I want to do is flood the internet with a million identical sites.

So download PeoplePods and go create something awesome! Read up on the ALMOST exhaustive documentation, and if you have a problem or want to share an idea, post it in the forum.


Download Download the latest version of PeoplePods!

0.7 Latest Version:
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