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What other pods should be included in the core package?

Posted by benbrown 28 days ago

Ratings and Points systems for content? Ability to limit response to some content to one per user? Ability to declare some followers as FRIENDS, FAMILY, AQUAINTANCES, STRANGERS, ETC? That might already be there, I dunno.

Are those podworthy?

Using the flag system, you can establish different kinds of links between people. So, you could have a friend flag (which is provided), but also a family flag. I am not sure whether or not you could query both at the same time (that is, show me people who are EITHER friend or family)...

Ratings would be cool. There is already a mechanism for yes/no voting on each piece of content, but it doesn't do anything more complicated than tell you what percentage voted for each option. I built a custom rating system for NeighborGoods... I might be able to move some of that code into the core modules.

Limiting responses to 1: you could do that in code. Basically, you can say:

if ($doc->comments()->contains('userId',$POD->currentUser()->get('id')) { # don't post my comment } else { # post my comment }

Twitter integration !

Groups within Groups
Embed/View content (HTML, FLASH, DOC, ODT, JPG etc.)
Individuals to be able to work in groups(1or many)
Levels of admins/editors/reviewers

@sperio Sperio, you can achieve a lot of what you asked for already! Ratings, rolls, reviews can be done using the $content->vote() function.

You can easily add embedded content using the $obj->addMeta() functions. And you can also implement multiple permissions or admin levels with th emeta fields.

If you have specific questions about how to do something, post a new thread on the forum!

I would like to see a rewards system of some sort. Drupal has the only rewards points system that I thought was any good. And it was a user contrib. The ability to reward your users for participating in the site can really go a long way in attracting new users and keeping old ones involved.
Also, twitter and facebook integration would be great too.

@Michael Smith Do you mean things like unlockable achievements and profile badges? These are definitely doable, maybe as a combination of meta fields and flags.

@benbrown Yes exactly, that and I was also thinking a system whereby participation earns you points, those points can be redeemed at set values for whatever goodies you want. Discounts on site membership, coupons to restaurants, discounts on sponsor software, that kind of thing. I've used something to that effect on a drupal setup for an sms shortcode restaurants giveaway site. Every time you texted to a shortcode to vote on your favorite beer or dessert you received points, at x number of points you could redeem for coupons to that restaurant. It really helps promote user participation and I've got a million uses for a "plug and play" system that does these things.
Perhaps not necessary as a core module, but would be very cool to have as a pod in general.

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