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What I'm working on:

Posted by benbrown 106 days ago

Even though I was speaking at Do it with Drupal this whole week, I've been hacking away on version 0.71.

I have already committed fixes to the inbox problem that I introduced in 0.7. I'm also working on some default reports for the command center that will let you keep an eye on the activity on your site. I'm also sprinkling some more admin tools around the public parts of the site in the default theme.

Are there any specific functions or features you need to build a site or application? Let me know!

It would be great to have another type of relationship - not followers, but friends (with friendship requests, friendship confirmation, etc.).

Yes! This is possible to do with the current friends functionality, but it is not as clean as it could be. I will think about adding bi-directional flags.

Right now, you can use isFriendsWith to verify the friendship is bi-directional before displaying content... And you can restrict access to a piece of content by setting the "privacy" field to "friends_only," but this only checks to see whether the current user is being followed by the author of the content.

Point is: I'll work on expanding the kinds of relationships you can have.

When could we expects a release, including these changes? :)

@aslauris I have been on the road for work for a few days, so I haven't been able to get as much done as I wanted. But hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow and get a release out this weekend... but it probably won't include bi-directional friends just yet.

Hello benbrown, when could we expect the next release?

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