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How did the installation process go for you? Was it smooth?

Posted by benbrown 21 days ago

I was surprised by how easy the installation went! I hit some snags when I moved my folders around but it's working now. I'd say SMOOTH.

PeoplePods definitely does not like to be moved around once it has been installed. It also really likes to stay in a directory called peoplepods. If you rename it, there could be some unexpected results.

Yep, initially I installed it in the root and there were a few things that didn't work correctly. I installed the updated version to a peoplepods directory and everything is great now. The install was smooth!

@philmc - Good to hear! I think I need to make the instructions a bit clearer vis a vis the installation location. You put your peoplepods folder inside the folder that you want PeoplePods to control.

For example, if you want PeoplePods to live at yourwebsite.com/community, you would put your PeoplePods install in yourwebsite.com/community/peoplepods/

Install was really quick and smooth. I had to make a text file, upload it and turn it into an .htaccess but that was the only speed bump, and a minor one at that compared to some of the solutions out there.

I installed this on my develop subdomain which is a mirror of my live site. I was worried that the peoplepods theme was going to take over and be displayed instead of my already developed site. It didn't. So, you can install this into an already existing site that you don't want to turn into a peoplepods "Theme" and have no worries.

@Michael Smith It depends on how you have your existing site set up, and what Pods you turn on. But you could always customize the pod settings or .htaccess rules to avoid overlap.

@Ben, I didn't notice any overlap whatsoever and I didn't change the htaccess in any way...which is exactly what I was hoping for. I just needed something that would allow me to quickly create member profiles, log in's, personalized pages and what not. This seems to have done exactly that. I'm very impressed and thankful that someone out there realized that not everyone wants to be locked into a gigantic arcane platform. This is perfect for my needs.

@Michael Smith That's great! I would love to see your implementation. Is it online somewhere?

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