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Can I help anyone with anything specific?

Posted by benbrown 93 days ago

I'm totally down to chat on IM or Skype about PeoplePods questions.

Hey Ben! I was wondering if there was a way Users could give each other "Props" or "Karma" or "Points"
and then show how many "Props" or "Karma" or "Points" they have recieved..? I looked into vote and flag but I could never get it to work.. I'm using 0.7!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! :)

It really depends on how you want to use these, but you should be able to do:


And then, in 0.71, there is a function called flagCount that will let you get a count of how many times that object has been flagged with a certain flag.

The tricky part is if you wanted to be able to give props to a user multiple times. What I would actually suggest is setting a flag based on the specific action, like 'props-for-id-5' and then having a meta field that contains the actual points earned.

So like:

$user->points = $user->points 5;

I see! Thanks :)
When can I expect 0.71 ??
I've done so many modifications to 0.7 I am really dreading updating to 0.71... :(

Much like yourself, I'm a busy developer but I don't travel as much as I'd like ;) My question is: Are you going to create a repository so that developers are able to provide their plugins to the general public from this site so it's a one stop shop (not saying commercial)?

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