PeoplePods is a developer-friendly social software toolkit

Build applications where people meet, talk, share, read, work, publish and explore.

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Add social networking to your site: friends, followers, favorites, suggested friends, ad-hoc group creation. It's all baked in!
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All of the features you need to get started are included. Arrange the PODs to fit your needs with the easy-to-use back-end command center. New pods are easy to develop with our software development kit.


Installs on your own server, PHP and MYSQL friendly. Use our object-oriented software development kit. JSON API included on all installs.


Create multiple types of documents. Featuring document-level security. WordPress plug-in compatible.


Every inch of this software has documentation. If you have any questions about the nuts and bolts, start here.


Customize the look and feel of your site. We'll get you started with a basic, easy to modify theme.

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Check out our example site, which features all of the core PeoplePods functionality.

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I am very excited to announce the launch of PeoplePods version 0.666, THE DEVELOPER PREVIEW! After tons of hacking, I have tweaked the last line of code, and I am finally ready for a wider audience...

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To install PeoplePods, you will need a web server, a MySQL database server, and a copy of the...

$Obj->addFlag($flag,$person,$value=true); Causes $person to add a flag named $flag to $Obj,...

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PeoplePods is an object-oriented framework - all one must do to access the entire power of...

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